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2012- 2015 Contemporary dance professional training in dance institutes around Europe (Studio Harmonic, Paris: Tanzfabrik and Dock11, Berlin; Danscentrum Jette, Brussels), acrobatic training at Les Noctambules Circus Company, Nanterre, Paris

2013-2015 Company training: Ultima Vez company Brussels, Hofesh Shechter company London, Akram Khan company London, Peeping Tom company, Amsterdam, Batsheva, Antwerp, Tel Aviv

2012-2013 Physical Theatre School ‘École Internationale de Théâtre de Jacques Lecoq’, Paris, France

2011 Professional workshop Commedia dell’arte and mask theatre, Teatro Punto, Amsterdam

2011 Professional workshop clown with Mario Gonzalez and internship of 3 months at Teatro O’Bando, Portugal

2010-2011 Part-time program of the Mime Academy at the Amsterdam University of Arts, Netherlands

2008- 2011 University Bachelors degree in Earth Sciences and Sustainable development at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, thesis Urban Agriculture with Louise O. Fresco (assistant director general of FAO)

2002-2008 Drama classes and final exam in Drama at grammar school ‘Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen’, the Netherlands




2017 Actress in ZDF-Fernsehfilm 'Amsterdam, total entspannt' by Joseph Orr

2017 Actress/Model in Image film for Metro by Dirk Hendler

2017 Actress in 'Odyssee Berlin webseries by Franziska Schiedung

2017 Dancer in 'Balance' music video of Nic Araújo by Zee Marla Osh

2017 Lead role Sofia in 'Breakwater' thriller by Daniel Strauss

2017 Dancer in 'Life's dance' short movie by Maurice Philip Klein and Duka Produktions

2017 Actress in 'Der Wunschmaschine' short film by Norika Sonder

2017 Actress in 'Sexy summer' image film for Blinkist by Kaleb Wentzel

017 Actress in 'Wellen' music video of Benjamin Asare by Dima Lochmann

2017 Actress in 'Killers' music video of Ghost of your former selves, by Steve Glashier, Diego Sapienza

2017 Dancer/Actress in 'Perfekt' music video of Jahmica, by Dima Yudin

2017 Dancer in 'Die Liebenden' by Rosali Quietschinsky

2017 Actress in 'Televised' music video of Melville, by Robert Grant

2017 Actress in 'Es ist nicht mehr' , by Arthur Moussavi

2017 Dancer in 'Ghost' of Eleonora Zaripova, by Joseph Wright

2017 Actress in 'Blood drive' music video of Joshua Burnside by Joseph Wright

2017 Actress in 'Na und' music video of Ben Zucker by Gregor Erler

2017 Actress (Jana) in short movie 'Wer ist Wer', by Terry Kraatz, Sebastian Katzer and Leohnard Kairat

2017 Actress (Sophia) in 'Things unsaid' short movie by Alexander Alvarado

2016 Actress in ‘Don Quichote’ by Alexander Alvarado

2016 Dancer in film “wir feieren nicht, wir eskalieren”, by Ilker çatak

2016 Actress in ‘Fusion 13’ by José Miguel Calzado Espinosa

2016 Actress in ‘Injustice’ Joe Wilkinson, directed by Robert Grant

2016 Actress, Club Anomaly Berlin

2016 Dancer and actress ‘Mango Corner’ by Sandra Kolstad, directed by Andrew Amorim, produced by Petri Henriksson

2016 Actress in ‘Frozen Time’ by PariSan, direction Zoran Bihac, production Philip Haeberlin

2015 Dancer in ‘Reminiscence’ by Carla Marboeuf 

2011 Actress in film projects of Amsterdam Film School, 'de Cirkel' by Sophie, Amsterdam 



 Life performance


2017 Actress in physical theatre piece 'Tanks for Myanmar' by Benjamin Dailey, London

2016 Dancer in life performance 'Reminiscence' by Carla Marboeuf, Berlin

2016 Dancer/musician in “Inextremiste”, Essouira, Marocco and Montreuil, Paris.

2015, 2016 Dancer in Berlin Leuchtet, interactive light and dance performance

2016 Actress in short video of ‘Music for unstageable theatre’ by Adel Abdel Wahab

2003-2006, Actress in youth company of ‘Artez professional school for Arts’, Arnhem, the Netherlands: Mahogony by Bertold Brecht, 2003, Richard 3rd, 2004, ‘de Kleine Prins’ by Lara Staal, 2005 and ‘Het zijn net mensen’, 2006 by Lara Staal. 

2003, 2004 Participation as actress in performances of the International Theatre festival Rouen, France

1999 Role of ‘Mrs Trunchbull’ in ‘Mathilda’ theatre, the Netherlands.

1998 Part ‘Rose’ in the Musical Titanic, the Netherlands.

1997 Different roles in the musical ‘West-side story’, 'Fame', the Netherlands.