Dancing on techno in music video 'Balance' by Nic Araújo, directed by Zee Marla Osh

Let me think... On set of 'shape of void' #onset #musicvideoshoot #nightshoot #techno #contemporarydance

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Romantic appearance in 'Loves in not a game' by Matt Adey, directed by Steve Glashier

Magic moment in Schloss Schönow

Pictures from set

Regie Lucifer #set #actress @altynykly

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Such a wonderful day! Amazing crew and location Regie Lucifer @altynykly

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Speaks for itself @altynykly @Sarah tiziana @minos torkas @Philip Maurice Klein @Dante heldentod @Sebastian hofbauer

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"Injustice" the music video is out

Good times shooting this video for Joe Wilkinson, sing- and songwriter from London, now based in Berlin. It was great working together with Robert Grant, Denis Lyons, Phillip Sponbiel, Kati Thiemer, Diego Sapienza and Javier Blanco Giocchio. 



Joe Wilkinson music video

Working on the new music video of Joe Wilkinson 'Injustice'. Special thanks to Robert Grant, Joe Wilkinson, Kati Thiemer, Denis Lyons, Mark Schilling, Jason Bowman and Javier Blanco Chiocchio. And thanks to the fun moments, Phillip Sponbiel and Diego Sapienza. :) Video coming soon! 

On set #music video #Joe Wilkinson #fun # wonderful team #directed by # Robert Grant

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Video out now!

Wonderfully working with this great team, special thanks to Parisan, Zoran Bihac, Philip Haeberlin and Lukas Rotter for their positive and explosive energy. Thank you for playing in the new music video of Parisan!