Sheltered life no life

What’s worse than a miserable life, a painful one?

No life at all

I fear to pass life in a half sleep

how do I wake up

or worse

I wake up

and I find myself among the sleepers


perfectly braindead

too healthy to live

a fear to age

to die

phrenetic body obsession

in literate degradation

alieniated hyperconnection

I know you

we met in Thailand?

please honey,

don’t talk to strangers

what are you looking at me

want something?


Inch’allah. If God wants it. Isn’t this a beautiful thing.  Not that I believe in God more than in my mother, myself or the Späti man. We see each other tomorrow! Inch’allah, he answers. That is not passive. It’s not that you won’t try to be there. You will do all you can to get there where you want to be. But, you never know.

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Today I read:


The most demanding part of living a lifetime as an artist, is the strict discipline of forcing oneself to work steadfastly along the nerve of one’s own most intimate sensitivity”.

 Anne Truitt.

Game of love

Life is not a race

nor it is a competition

Life is not a prove to yourself

or a battle for outside recognition

It is a game 

of love

And it starts with a soft energy inside



Why are you always so different

Can’t you be happy the same

let us all behave normal


‘cuse you scare the kids around


let the kids rock it

let them be cool

let them believe there’s something

to go for to be cool for

to skip school for


I don’t’ know man

starting something with my life

In the job description

it wasn’t written

I had to believe in something


We can pretend for a while

Let’s imagine Lennon

I mean

as in pure imaginational

you wanna be the same

as Lennon

he was different

Art and stupidity

Art is a lot about letting go of this auto censorship. To get into a flow, a flow of stupidity. I mean, to connect to this child in yourself that plays around. Many times I was doing something I felt wasn't serious at all, just myself having fun, the stuff that came out was actually pretty great. To me, it's when the magic happens. When I stop thinking about 'Art' and 'Life' and struggle with 'Meaning' or worse 'Innovation'..... But I just do. Simply do. A lot. Some of it, I would like to share, some of it never at all. But who cares? It is in this chaos and overload that things get discovered.


Dangerous mind

Oh your sweet mind is such a powerful tool

one day it could kill you

but put your mind together

and don’t you worry baby

today you are

an unpromising beginning

but that’s all it is

the beginning

of the life you could live

if only you start


the best moment is twenty years ago

we know

the second best

is now

don’t’ get lost in reality

it ain’t what you see

nothing is what you think it is

what you think you see

you see what you want

you see what you know

but baby don’t you see

you don’t’ know a shit

don’t get lost in reality

it’s a boring place

do it now live it now

it’s a dream and tomorrow

we’ll sit and dance in

your reality


My daily soy latte

Wait give me a little polar bear

I will take care of the planet

you know

I take my daily soy latte

and vegan burger with mushrooms

and I go everywhere by bike

and on the net I buy

only local organic veggies


hysterically they pushed

the healthy food cult

down his throat

he could no longer even chew

a shot of lemon grass

a little sip of MDMA coke

and it was allright 

oh baby

Oh sweet honey baby

life is just a miserable shit

close your eyes for a moment

and forget about it

all just ego trippers

money money money

what’s so funny

can you save your soul with it

oh baby sweet

how can you lie to me

you promise me the world

but it ain’t worth it

cause if it’s filled with misery

I feel guilty

waking up every morning

I aint’ done no wrong

but I do feel guilty

So walking around feeling miserable

what a passive shit

is not much of a revolution at all

feeling guilty

a nice Christian pleasure

but it aint’ changing a bit

happy is a family

empathic love

James Baldwin on Shakespeare:

“The greatest poet in the English language found his poetry where poetry is found: in the lives of the people. He could have done this only through love — by knowing … that whatever was happening to anyone was happening to him,” 

“It is said that [Shakespeare’s] time was easier than ours, but I doubt it — no time can be easy if one is living through it.”

Isn't this so true. Why going to Thailand, I wonder while the woman besides me tells about her next holidays, when you don't even talk with your Turkish neighbor? Or the Thai woman serving your noodle soup with crispy nems? I am sure she has a lot of stories to tell. Don't get me wrong, one has to change context once in a while to see things through a new perspective. But isn't a little worrying that even though we have never been connected to more people on the planet, traveled so relentlessly and eaten so multicultural as ever before and still people don't seem to show a spectacular increase of compassion. It certainly is a challenge in the Era of facebook-friends-for-ever.

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