Complicated disaster

She’s tripping

the sound ain’t no destination

shaping her desires

what’s the ecstasy 

if you cant’ feel the moment

the power of the hour

the hour


I can’t get no satisfaction

But I try I try I try 


She’s tripping 

a lonely trip

fast fast faster

beating brains

the beat

the heart beat


fast fast faster


You are my temporary destination she said

all inclusive holidays

happiness is in the deal

no satisfaction money back

lifetime guarantee


She’s tripping

He’s tripping

the sound shaping

her desire

his desire

chemicals flying

into space

it’s not only God shining


You are my physical confusion he said

complicated disaster


don’t you worry baby

it’s only love



when I’m with you 



Lighting your fire

with gasoline

strangling your freedom

with love


let’s dance in the rain

under the serious moonlight

dance dance

dance and live

suicide sex on the tracks

under the moonlight serious moonlight

all God’s children can dance


don’t you worry baby

it’s only love


Dancing in the rain

lying in the rain


We won’t get to the church on time